Stake With Us On The Radix Network

Members of the community since 2013, we are happy to finally be given the opportunity to secure & promote the Radix Network.
On completion of the token unlock, we will staking a minimum of 3 million XRD in order to reach the top 100.

Stake to "RV ONLINE" for Low 2.0% Fee Staking.

Validator Address: rv1qgmpydcffgyyp0nqvhvcz5emzzzctkrvjh5pe5rlavh75kf0j3amxyt9urf

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We LOVE Crypto. We Love RADIX.

We have been involved in crypto-currencies since 2013 when we discovered Bitcoin & started GPU mining Proof Of Work chains in the garage.

2013 is also the year we discovered a developer named Dan Hughes & his project (eMunie) which we now know as Radix. Since then we have followed the journey as Dan has worked tirelessly to build a solution which addresses the issues of other crypto-currencies.

Today we no longer run nodes in the garage, but in the cloud. Our service partners provide the speed, redundancy, compute power & support to ensure our nodes continue to secure the network with absolute minimal downtime.

Our Radix Validator Node is professionally hosted with 24/7/365 monitoring & hot standby node backup.

We take our responsibility as a Radix Validator Node operator seriously.

We host in the cloud on hi-spec dedicated virtual machines.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the node, our hot standby node takes over.

24/7/365 monitoring & support engineers know immediately an issue is detected

24/7/365 Monitoring & Tech Support

If there is an issue, engineers will know & will be right on it.

A Hot Standby Node Is Always Ready To Go

A geographically diverse standy node is ready to take over if needed.

High Specification Cloud Virtual Machines

We don't skimp on infrastructure or VM specs.

Keep More With Our Low 2.0% Staking Fee

Keep more of your rewards with our low staking fee.

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